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PNX Software– professional software solution and service provider

PNX Software is the leading software solution provider in the fields of digital marketing regionalization, web-to-print ecommerce, ticketing system as well as software customization. PNX was founded in 1998 and acquired investment from Tianyi investment group in 2006. As the preferred vendor of many global companies like Thermofisher, AkznoNobel etc., PNX has been providing a wide range of professional services & software solutions and development services to our esteemed customers

As information age continues to flourish and businesses increasingly demand more on information technologies, PNX has invested in several business units since 1998, each concentrating on specific sector of IT to meet the needs and demands of clients. These business units complement each other to provide total IT solution to our clients.

Being renowned for our technology capability and innovative solution in IT business, PNX & its over 50 professional software engineers continually deliver a strong portfolio of products and services that both meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Our services cover
Digital marketing regionalization
Printing & image solution
eTicketing Solution
Software customization & web support

We provide safe, reliable, high-quality and expandable industry solutions and help our customers to conduct the best practice of information-based management so as to meet the customers’ requirements. Our industry solutions cover the following areas: photograph and image, ticketing market, medical treatment and global e-commerce etc.

With respect to private brands, we develop and provide consumer photo processing software with proprietary intellectual property rights and many series of products including professional image printing, management, synthesis and customer management etc. in the field of photograph and image solutions. The consumer software products of photograph and image are well sold in 60 countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Africa etc. and there are more than 500,000 machines.

In the field of ticketing system solutions, we provide overall management software and management system for show and sporting event venues and ticket agents, providing flexible as well as flexible and expandable solutions from ticket system, online ticket-selling website, customer relation management to call center etc. The typical customers include Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup, the Shanghai International Film Festival, Shanghai International Arts Festival, Shanghai Grand Theater, Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, Majestic Theater and the Expo Performance Center etc., accounting for 90% of the venues and performance market in Shanghai and its surrounding areas.

In the field of service, PNX Software provides services business including IT consulting service, development and maintenance of customized applications, global e-commerce and global trade, professional testing and performance project service as well as localization service etc.

In the field of e-commerce and global trade, PNX Software provides multi-language and many types of one-stop website and e-commerce establishment services for international markets such as Europe, America and Japan as well as the domestic market of China. The services include outsourcing service like Magento and Woocommerce system building, overseas platform maintenance, customer service, technical support and application system support etc., covering various fields of manufacture and individual consumer goods.

“Software facilitates your growth” is the operation philosophy and brand commitment of PNX Software. As a company taking software technology as its core, PNX Software implements the strategies of open innovation, excellent operation management and human resources development etc. to build up its core competitiveness in an all-around way and create customer and social value so as to realize technical value.

PNX Software is committed to becoming the most respectable company among the society, customers, shareholders and employees. Through continuous improvement of its organization and process, development of its leadership and employees’ competitiveness as well as allied and open innovations, PNX Software strives to become an outstanding provider of IT solutions and services worldwide.

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