Case Study of Day System Service & Support

Thermofisher (Life Technologies) is a biopharmaceutical enterprise specialized in the overall research of biological spectrum with annual sales of 10 billion USD and online sales of one billion USD, and is committed to advancing the development of individualized medical treatment, regeneration science, molecular diagnostics, agriculture and environment research. More than 75,000 of its customers are using over 50,000 products from around the world. It has set the pace of the world in promoting academic research, medicine discovery and development, toxicology, legal medical expert, disease diagnosis, clinical cell therapy, regenerative medicine, biological manufacturing and other fields of scientific research.

PNX has always been committed to providing e-commerce and network system service for LifeTech in the Asian-Pacific Region, such as Australia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Thailand and Malaysia including integrated services like e-commerce contents, products, regionalization of e-commerce, market promotion and analysis. Systems involved in the system service include Adobe Day System, Omniture, Ion Interactive and etc. Meanwhile, PNX also provides for e-commerce the integration of multiple systems such as the complex pricing of commodities and regionalized system, online marketing support, web-forms and customer data report through web content management and Siebel and Oracle systems. It also relies on various analysis tools to optimize the purchasing behaviors of the customers and thus dramatically increase their conversion rate.