Digital Marketing Regionalization

Based on our 20 years accumulated experience and the highly skilled development team, we provide localization services for China digital market for many global enterprises, including e-commerce, website, digital marketing & system localization including global website optimization in China, localization of website content, social networking such as WeChat official account and Weibo support, and global collaborative development. Through the global collaboration and the global cooperation experience accumulated over the years, it facilitates many global enterprise customers with success digital marketing operation in China, so as to ensure the user experience and quick product campaign of your end customers. At the same time, combined with the tools and reports of digital analysis on the website, such as Adobe catalyst and Google Analytics, we provide a solid foundation for customers to continuously improve their brand and influence in the Chinese market.

Based on PNX professional knowledge, excellent development knowledge and global project management ability to help global enterprises quickly solve many difficulties encountered in China’s digitization and website system, such as:
● The speed of Chinese websites under the global architecture
● How to deal with the content construction and traffic analysis of Chinese websites
● Content support process of marketing and product marketing
● Integrated with social networks in China market
● Customer interactive system development and one-stop service, etc.

PNX has become the preferred supplier of many global enterprises through long-term and close cooperation with many of the world’s top 500 enterprises. We have accumulated a lot of practical experience, which can help you quickly solve the above technical problems. From medicine, automobile, chemical industry, electronics to retail, we help customers establish a stable and reliable website system and social network system in China, ensure that its process and delivery comply with customers’ global standards and guidelines, and maximize the efficiency of your localized market operation, so as to greatly improve the conversion rate of customers and your rapid growth in China.

Our customers include Thermofisher, AkzoNobel, RR Donnelly, PayPal, ArcelorMittal, MSD, Arrow, BASF, DuPont, CASE consturction, Iveco, Villeroy & Boch, Weibo, etc.

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PNX has the very strong and experienced technical team, who are very familiar with the technical architecture and various systems. Fundamentally, we provide better services for your localization needs and have the ability to quickly provide solutions and implementation solutions to various technical problems. It includes various content management systems such as Adobe AEM, Drupal, WordPress, Typo3, Salesforce, Siebel integration, Mailchimp, Oracle, technology, support, social networking such as WeChat official account and Weibo integration, etc. Based on our quick & professional technical support, we can help you quickly resolve the technical difficulties encountered in digital localization in China market, and greatly improve the efficiency of global enterprises’ local operation in China and significantly improve your operation in terms of high-efficiency workflow with high-quality & cost-effectiveness.

  • E-commerce platform building, front-end sales platform building, operation management system, merchandise purchase, sales and inventory management system, call and customer service center integration;
  • E-commerce business consultation, enterprise e-commerce planning, network marketing layout, online marketing management, etc;
  • Operation outsourcing and support, HR virtual outsourcing, operation outsourcing, brand licensing, etc