High-end Day System Development & Support

As a high-end e-commerce system, Adobe Day System has been widely used among the top 500 enterprises in the world. The e-commerce experts of PNX excel in the development and technical support of Day system. They could provide 24×7 cross-time zone online support service for its customers all around the world. Meanwhile, working together with the Omniture system, it could help customers to analyze their visit behaviors and help them to improve the conversion rate of online systems by combining the Oracle and Sieble system. Besides, experts of PNX are also skillful at Ion Interactive and other online marketing software and are able to provide great support for the EDM and online marketing of the customers.

About Adobe Day CQ5 System

Content Management Web 2.0

Web content management of CQ5, digital capital management CQ5, CQ5 social collaboration, CQ5 marketing management and CQ5 mobile have been combined to establish a Web 2.0 platform for interactive marketing, which makes the best of the most cost-effective marketing tools of online channels to help the existing customers and potential customers improve their competition advantages and promote the increase of income. Its user experience is also of world class and gives full play to creative marketing and pleasant use. With the “drag and drop” interface, CQ5 will make it possible for your marketing to meet the main challenges of growth.

Market Challenge

Marketing is facing several key challenges in the promotion of the growth of enterprises under the volatile economic situation.

  • To create and provide an all-sided mobile marketing strategy with limited resources
  • To speed up the execution of new launches of all channels and shortens the time to put new products on the market so as to gain competitive advantages
  • To target at the new global market and protect the consistency of brand information
  • To increase sales clues and conversion rate and meanwhile reduce the overall marketing expenditure
  • To establish customer communities so as to enhance market insight and customer loyalty
  • To improve the ability of the sales team and channel productivity and reduce training and rollout expenditure

Optimized Network Experience

CQ5.4 has made much new progress such as the advanced CQ5 Web experience management platform of Adobe to meet the key challenges of interactive marketing: to organize and improve its customer-oriented Web experience and publicize events and targeted user experience (e.g. mobile ) by establishing, analyzing and optimizing web contents. Your marketing organization will become more agile and flexible through the most productive and interesting use of Adobe 5.4 CQ under the community-oriented and cross-channel delivery environment.

CQ5 marketing management—the marketers could create contents and identify visitors of different zones and then advance and promote the contents of the configuration files of specific users accordingly and meanwhile manage the cross-channel publicity. The automatic positioning could easily coordinate all marketing activities on the whole webpage and through email, mobile phone and social media channels for more individuals and consistent conversations.

CQ5 Mobile provides mobile network experience as well as compilation and editing of local mobile application programs for cell phones such as smart phones and table PCs. The automatic device detection and optimized content delivery enable the users to receive optimized contents for specific equipment. The local application programs, device function detection and geographical positioning service may play a part in movement and provide additional support.

CQ5 is aimed to provide out-of-box integration of Omniture and Adobe online marketing package to make the organizaiton obtain the flexibility of real-time marketing and advance the acquisition of the customers and campaign expenditure with higher rate of return on investment. CQ5 ClickstreamCloud only provides SiteCatalyst that could directly map the insight of users into the expanded analysis and report, while marketers could make use of the test and target to provide real-time and individualized cross-website contents in a uniform way.

New progresses of CQ5 Web Content Management (WCM) include:

  • Integrated content and application deployment: deployment of content (such as data sheet), customer-oriented application program version control, synchronization, application programs that are deployed in the same way and released under the same system in the same way.
  • Advanced working process and notes: allow process adding via new drag and drop function and/or user-defining of tasks
  • Advanced report: with expansible report generation function, users of CQ5 could check their websites from different aspects such as the assemblies, contents and time dimensions on the webpages.
  • Holding HTML5: webpage for iPhone, iPad and Android, FLASH, automatic video transcoding, photos on a hard disk could be downloaded and dragged to your browsers easily.
  • Improved start time and more seamless update

New progresses of CQ5 Social Collaboration (SOCO) include:

  • Forum: a new type of social space and ClickstreamCloud allows the users to load new configuration files and imitate forum hosting dialogues.