Magento and Woocommerce

PNX Software —Provides professional service for your global e-commerce business expansion 

Over the past years of customer service, PNX has accumulated a lot of experience in global e-commerce building and operation. We could provide professional and highly cost-effective e-commerce building service for customers from large enterprises such as bio-pharmaceutical companies with annual sales of 10 billion USD to medium-sized and small enterprises with annual sales of millions of USD. From host platform, maintenance and development, our professional team could help you concentrate on business expansion and make your enterprise operation more efficient.

We also actively participate in open source projects such as Magento and Zencart and have accumulated a lot of technologies in LAMP, which enables us to provide robust technical support. Meanwhile, we also work hard to ensure the highly-efficient operation and development of enterprises and give them investment support through our leading software products in many fields so as to ensure our long-term excellent technical support for your enterprise provided by our stable professional team.


Magento is a new professional development e-commerce platform with flexible design and rich functions under modularized structure that could be integrated seamlessly with the third party application systems. In design, the platform is inclusive under the module-structure system which makes the application combination more flexible and creates more functions.

In order to make profits, Magento also supports payment collection and actively seeks for cooperation and the third party integration tool such as the electronic payment platform, etc. Besides, it has launched Saas service to provide Magento e-commerce platform for the enterprises, which is expansible and flexible and could satisfy the demand for business growth. The full-featured e-commerce platform provides merchants with complete flexibility and controllable content and online channel function of rapid deployment.


1. Easy for integration
Magento makes it easier to integrate the solutions of the third party manufacturers and can save a lot of time and resources for you by establishing customized websites.
2. Novel Functions
With functions such as product label, multiple delivery addresses or product comparison system, you do not need to make extra payment and you will find more in the existing Magento system.
3. Professional Community Support
Unlike other open source solutions, Magento provides professional and reliable support. You could also get assistance from the ardent community.
4. Complete Extensibility
Even after one night or one year’s growth, you need not worry that the solutions you chose are unable to cope with the expansion of the website as Magento has provided you with complete extensibility.


ZenCart is a piece of free online shopping mall software designed for online distributors to establish their own stores online. It is also a piece of free shopping cart software with user-friendly interface and open source.

The software, jointly developed by some distributors, programmers, designers and consultants is designed for users to establish e-commerce systems of different styles. Some of the existing solutions today lay too much stress on programming but neglect the demands of users, while ZenCart gives priority to the demands of distributors and consumers. Meanwhile, those programs are almost impossible to be installed without the assistance of professionals while ZenCart users could easily finish its installation only with basic knowledge of the computer. More importantly, those programs are often too expensive while ZenCart is totally free.

It will be easier to browse commodities through ZenCart. In addition to traditional directory listing, ZenCart also provides several featured commodity catalogs. It only takes three simple steps to safely finish the payment of commodities added to the shopping cart. Firstly, the customer fills in the address of delivery and select delivery type (including various types of delivery inlaid with real-time online freight quotation). Secondly, the customer selects one of the popular methods of payment (e.g. PayPal and AuthorizeNet). Thirdly, the customer rechecks the order, type of delivery and payment and confirms the order. After that, you would receive order notification immediately and an email would be sent to the customer to confirm the order.


● Easy to install
● Easy for customization
● Automation, e.g. order confirmation
● Convenient for browsing
● Built-in functions of promotion, discount, gift voucher, newsletter and commodity notification
● Discount for single commodity or all commodities and privilege for group consumers and large orders
● Built-in search optimizer
● Administrator tool for password protection
● In support of multiple languages, currencies and tax rate structures

In a word, ZenCart is provided with all functions that online shopping mall software shall have.

ZenCart could also build in exquisite design and provides web designers with a stable and flexible e-store front that could be updated easily. Its easy-to-use, intuitive and simple shopping procedures are totally up to the existing business standards- your customers can have easy access to it! The powerful functions of the system are based on its module system, which abstracts the code and logical “perception” of ZenCart and thus provides your customers with really customizable solutions to integrate their existing marketing websites rapidly and perfectly.