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PNX has been providing cloud infrastructure implementation & support for many global customers, which covers the platform of AWS, Azure & Aliyun. We are managing over 600 cloud servers & equipment for the customers and providing 24X7 services.
Over the past 20 years, PNX has developed many application systems for our customers and are being used for daily operation. Our customers also use our cloud maintenance services to ensure the system stability and reliability in terms of more professional & quick service and cost-effectiveness.

Is your infrastructure support team overwhelmed, causing SLA breaches, unresolved tickets, and increased downtime and costs? Would you rather have your engineers focused on building new product features?

More than half of our consulting clients use our 24/7 Support Services so their engineers can focus on innovation instead of infrastructure support. PNX’ support engineers help resolve incidents faster, reduce costs, and minimize your system downtime. Our 24/7 Support Services are powered by nCall, our alert and incident management platform, that can help reduce MTTR by 10 – 40%.

As the preferred vendor of many global customers, PNX is capable of helping you in building and managing cloud infrastructure solutions. Our certified engineers of AWS, Azure & Aliyun quickly and expertly handle your support needs to keep your customers happy and achieve your SLAs at a competitive rate.

Let’s have a 100% no-obligation discussion. Based on our accumulated experiences with many global customer, we are capable of helping to implement the cloud systems of applications, ecommerce, CRM etc. to facilitate your daily operation in terms of system security & reliability.

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