Development Process

1. Preliminary Preparation

The developers of PNX Software will conduct adequate user surveys and demand analyses and make full preparation for the design of system framework and structure in the earlier stage of system development. The software developers and personnel in charge of business requirements of PNX Software jointly set up the project team. A Project Manager will be appointed to supervise the overall project implementation, join in the overall system design and development, put forward the further development requirements based on the current business, conduct software customization, work out the secondary development plan and participate in designing the connector between business system and other software.

2. Implementation Process

The whole development process includes the stages of requirement gathering, requirement analysis, system structure establishment, design, coding and testing, etc.

2.1 Requirement Gathering

Before formally developing the software, the accurate Detailed Requirements of Software Design in written shall be provided.

2.2 Requirement Analysis

The developers of PNX Software conduct conception, set system targets, divide the business scope, analyze the existing business, make business model, analyze information requirements, normalize the user view, standardize data elements and control the consistency. On the basis that the project team has made abundant communication with and got full understanding of the customer, they will work out the technical framework of the system and describe the major indicators of the system such as its functions and performance. The project implementation personnel shall have a clear outline and overall design concept of the implementation measures and they shall timely communicate and exchange with the personnel in charge of business requirements with respect to any doubt and reach a consensus eventually. Certain comprehensive surveys shall be made on the existing hardware and software configuration, the network service condition, the database service condition and familiarity with computer of the user group. Some suitable software indicators to be developed will then be determined according to the statistical result of the survey.

2.3 System Structure Establishment

  • To confirm the hardware configuration of software server and the user’s allocation of hardware resources
  • To confirm the unification and coordination of the user software platform

2.4 Design
In the software design stage, necessary modifications will be made to the modules and certain structures perhaps and interface definition, user service layer, business logic layer, database service layer and specific database as well as the software development tools will be confirmed. In addition, more detailed survey on the functions and business requirements will be completed and the files that best meet the user’s needs in the system will be made. In accordance with the safety requirement of the application system, the design for safety and confidentiality shall be carried out synchronously.

2.5 Coding
After the interface style, the functions, the programming language, the database structure and the detailed data etc. of the software are confirmed, the programming stage will start. Once the developers begin the setting and coding work, they have to ensure that the coding style stays the same during the development process. If the developers find any mistake of the previous analysis or design, they will make necessary modifications to the preceding work. Moreover, the main developers will closely cooperate with each other.

2.6 Testing
Testing is the most important step before the system comes into service, which will be jointly carried out by the developers and the personnel in charge of business requirements or the software testing engineer. The developers will put forward recommendations on the problems discovered in the testing process and make modifications accordingly.

3. The personnel in charge of business requirements is responsible for providing the standard of overall acceptance inspection

After the post software testing is completed, the personnel in charge of business requirements will be informed to check and accept it. The acceptance inspection is mainly based on the source material provided by the personnel in charge of business requirements and the Software Development Design Plan, and each function of the software shall go through overall checkup. If there is no objection, the “Acceptance Confirmation” shall be signed afterwards.

4. Post Training

4.1 Training Objective

During the project implementation process, relevant operating personnel shall be enabled to understand the fundamental principle and actual application of the software, to get a more profound understanding of the specific performance, operating steps and requirement details of the entire business software and to operate and use the business software flow skillfully under the management of computer. The redevelopers will jointly receive the comprehensive and systemic training provided by the software developer so as to ensure that they could fulfill the task of popularization and software upgrading alone in the second stage of promotion.

4.2 Training Plan

The project team is obliged to provide timely, effective and comprehensive training for the users, lay stress on the technology transfer to the users during the project implementation process and make an effective training plan in advance.

4.3 Assessment Criteria

To test the users’ability to operate and use the software system flow by the actual operation mode

5. Technical Support

PNX Software provides written technical support commitment for the business demander and is able to strictly implement it.