Project Management

Tempered in many projects, the development team of PNX Software has established a set of unique project development mode of its own. In the practice of various projects, this mode has been improved and tested. The introduction to this mode is as follows:

I Customer Manager Responsibility System 
Each project has its own special Customer Manger and Project Manager to follow up and take full charge. The Customer Manager is responsible for business matters, demand research and system installation, maintenance and service etc. The Project Manager is mainly in charge of system design, technology selection, establishment and development of system framework, scheduling and progress control as well as routine management of the project, etc. (The Project Managers are all experienced programmers). After entering into contract with the customers, the Customer Manager will immediately work out the development plan and specify the milestone of each phase. With respect to the milestone, priority shall be given to the content that shall be submitted to the customer for review. After that, the Customer Manager informs the Project Manager and the customer of this plan by email and asks the customer’s personnel concerned to supervise the implementation of this plan. In this way, the pressure resulting from development progress can directly be passed on from the customer to each management executive and developer.

II Demand Management
The Customer Manger takes charge of collecting, learning about the customer’ primary requirements and drawing up requirement specification. After that, the Customer Manger, together with the Interface Designer and the Project Manger will use Viso or Html editing tool to make the Demo version. Based on the Demo version, they will carry out further discussion with the customer on requirements. Only after the demo version is confirmed will the Project Manger arrange the subsequent development tasks.

III Work Plan Management
Since the foundation of PNX Software, the IT support platform (‘PNX Software Integrated Office Platform’) has been brought in to manage the work plan and conduct demand management and control, database change control and quality control etc. The leaders of PNX Software will release the work plans of the whole company on this platform the last day of each month and announce the monthly tasks and objectives of the company to each member at the regular meeting held every month. In addition, every employee shall submit a work summary of last week and the work plan of next week to the ‘PNX software Integrated Office Platform’ in the afternoon of each Friday. Moreover, at the regular meeting held every week, each employee shall report the work progress to the company leaders and point out potential risks as well as the development plan and work emphases etc. of the next stage.

IV Project Quality Management
The principle of “day-to-day test of accomplished items” shall be implemented. Every day, the latest codes in SVN will be downloaded, compiled and released as the latest version automatically by a particular program. The professional test controller will carry out tests and the test result will be followed up and managed via BugFree. The test controller will also prepare a weekly quality report.

V Project Acceptance and After-sale Service
After the project is completed, the Customer Manager will submit the Confirmation of Project Acceptance to the customer and the customer will then fill in the Confirmation before returning it to us for filing.

Specialized in the following fields of technology:
● J2EE System (Jsp、Servlet、EJB、Struts、Hibernate、Spring)
● Dot Net System
● OA Workflow Engine
● MIS System
● E-commerce Platform
● E-government Platform
● Access Card and One-Card
● SMS Platform
● Online Community