Customer References of software solution, software customization

Software Customization ServicePNX has always been committed to
developing into the best software outsourcing company in the software industry.
With adherence to the principle of “continuous pursuit of perfection”, it has
been exploring new ways to optimize project management procedures in the
practice of many projects. Now, PNX has become the most professional software
customization service provider in Shanghai. Its scientific and technological
development team has established a set of unique project development mode of its
own, which has effectively addressed the management and control difficulties in
the process of project development. Also, PNX has stayed in the lead in software
demand management, software quality management, project progress management,
etc. The mode, which has been improved and tested in the practices of many
projects, ensures the delivery of high-quality software products to

Service Philosophy

  • Based on technology and driven by service
  • Move customers with strong sense of
    responsibility, spirit of dedication and professional quality
  • Only by helping customers to create values
    continuously could we realize our own values

Scope of Service

  • Provision of informatization solutions
  • Development and application of computer
  • Research and application of internet
  • IT Technical Service
  • Industrial management software/design and
    development of application software
  • E-commerce platform/e-government platform/web
    portal design

Service Items

  • Informatization solution design
  • Software customization development
  • Software outsourcing/development
  • Commissioned development/cooperative
  • Network operation mode and scheme design/website
  • Software/network interface and user experience
  • IT consultation/ training

Service Features

  • Careful and responsible working attitude
  • Pragmatic and rigorous working style
  • Professional spirit of persistent pursuit of
  • Strict procedure control and management

Software Outsourcing Process

  1. A complete software
    outsourcing process has to go through three stages including demand
    investigation, project development and system maintenance.
  2. Customer raises demands:
    customers raise “basic demands” on project description, basic functions and
    design, etc. via face-to-face talks, telephone calls, emails or online
  3. Analyze customer demands:
    learn about the demands, business modes and operation flow of customers
    accurately and detailedly and put forward improvement suggestions based on our
    own experience, including the basic business process, description of major
    functional modules, development cycle and quotation.
  4. Draft preliminary plan:
    reply to the demands of customers and provide implementation plan and
    quotation for customers’ reference, compile demand specification
  5. Adjust the plan and confirm
    the intent of cooperation: confirm the demands of the customers carry out
    systematic analysis of the demands and confirm the functions. System designers
    design the system structure and make implementation plan together with the
    customers. Both sides adjust the plan together and confirm the intent of
    cooperation through face-to-face talks or via telephone calls and emails.
  6. Sign Software Development
    Contract. Customers make advance payment and provide guarantee of manpower,
    material resources and relevant conditions.
  7. Refined demand analysis and
    detailed design: in accordance to the plan, our side would assign program
    designers to carry out refined demand analysis of the software project
    according to the system structure and functions and specifications of
    different modules, including the actual implementation of functional modules,
    division of sub-functional modules, data description and relevant report
    contents, etc.
  8. User confirmation:
    customers examine and confirm the specific designs and suppliers begin
  9. Development and
    programming: programmers of the suppliers write program codes according to the
    detailed design and plan.
  10. Test analysis and system
    integration: conduct system integration upon the test of different modules
    after the completion of their programming.
  11. Test run and field support:
    upon the completion of software system development, suppliers would come to
    the customers for installation, debugging and training.
  12. Acceptance inspection:
    customers carry out acceptance inspection of all functions of the software.
    The Software Project Acceptance Inspection Report would take effect upon
    signing of both parties. Once the software is tested to be qualified,
    customers shall make the final payment according to contract stipulations and
    the suppliers shall provide free maintenance service within the warranty
    period stated in the contract on receiving the final payment.
  13. System operation support:
    after the system is put into operation, suppliers shall provide long-term
    maintenance service for customers as required. In addition to ensuring the
    normal operation of the system, they shall also revise the system according to
    the business changes of the customers and the problems discovered during the
    operation process.