Website Design Service

PNX is committed to the brand building of enterprises to help them establish fine enterprise image and open new market and extricate medium-sized and small enterprises from trouble. Specialized in providing enterprises with website design service, PNX has long been engaged in web building for many years and has accumulated rich experience in webpage and website design. From website planning to website building, our webpage designers would provide you with perfect solutions. And marketing professionals would design webpage for you and they would take into full account of your future network marketing, image product exhibition and e-commerce functions and help you to carve a niche in the market.

Website Construction Process:

Step 1: Demand Raising of Customers 

Customers raise “basic demands” on website construction via telephone calls, emails or online orders, including 1. Company profile; 2. Column description; 3. Basic website function requirements; 4. Basic design requirements;

Step 2: Website Construction Plan Design

First of all, we would design suited website plans according to the requirements and actual situation of the enterprises and decide whether to use virtual host service or purchase servers; customize websites according to the styles of the enterprises; every choice would be made according to the actual needs of the enterprises under the guidance of the principle that the optimum is the best.

Step 3: Domain Name Application and Inquiry

Decide whether to use international domain name or domestic domain name according to the needs of the enterprises; application for an international domain name shall be submitted to International Internet Network Management Center, while a domestic domain name shall be registered at Chinese Internet Network Information Center.

Step 4: Website System Planning

Website is a platform for the release of the products and service information of a company. Therefore, the contents of the website are very important. A well-organized website is not only an internet version of the overview and product catalogue of the company but also provides web surfers namely the potential customers of the enterprise with convenient browsing navigation, rational dynamic structure design and function components suitable for the business development of the enterprise such as information distribution system and product exhibition system, as well as abundant and practical information and interaction space. We will carry out elaborate planning and work out a website construction plan according to the rough materials provided by the customer.

Step 5: Cooperation Confirmation

Discuss with the customer about the contents and specific requirements of the project via face-to-face talks, telephone calls or emails. Upon mutual confirmation, both parties shall sign the Website Construction Contract and the customer shall pay 50% of the website construction fee in advance.

Step 6: Website Content Arranging 

According to the website construction plan, the customer is expected to provide contents of the website (electronic documents and pictures, etc) and we will process, design, compose, scan and edit relevant documents and pictures, which needs the active coordination of the customer.

Step 7: Webpage Design, Making and Modification

Once the contents and structure of the website is finalized, the next step is webpage design and program development. Webpage design means a lot to the image of the enterprise. A good webpage design could accurately interpret the idea and aim of the company while releasing information. We have professional technicians who could create the most professional webpage design to provide you an out-of-ordinary website different from others.

Step 8: Website Submission for Examination and Release

Upon the completion of the design, making, modification and program development of the website, we will submit the website to the customer for examination and confirmation. After that, the customer would make the final payment for the website construction. Meanwhile, website programs and relevant files would be uploaded to the website server and from then on the website is formally established and opened to the public.

Step 9: Later-stage Website Maintenance

The completion of website construction doesn’t mean the end of this project as the later-stage maintenance is also very important. We will carry out appropriate modification, update and maintenance of the webpage and contents of your website according to your specific demands, requirements and authorization.

Typical case: