Case Study of Printing Industry

Case Study No.1 – RR Donnelley

PNX web to print system and image processing technology are widely used in many top printing companies. As the top three commercial printing company in the world and the top one in China, RR Donnelly provides packaging and printing services for many customers like Apple etc. Since 2013, as the preferred supplier of RR Donnelly, we have been providing RRD with multiple systems and solutions for web-to-print and image processing to help customers carry out daily operation and management more efficiently.

PNX provides Donnelley with a complete set of digital printing and management solutions, including web to print, digital asset management, eLibrary, automatic printing template management, pod book printing processing, etc. From software, image processing, e-commerce to SAP ERP integration, lay a solid foundation for daily efficient operation.

Case Study No.2 – Hucai Group

Hucai group is one of the top private printers in China, providing professional printing services for many international and domestic customers. Since 2018, led by Hucai Chairman Chen Chengwen, Hucai group has carried out in-depth and comprehensive cooperation with PNX team. Through 4-5 years of joint development, Hucai group has successfully implemented the overall solution for photo processing, AI automatic film repair, wedding dress system and printing and manufacturing, increased the annual revenue of hundreds of millions of yuan for Hucai group, and provided a powerful engine for enterprise development and revenue growth in the future.

At the same time, the implementation of the overall solution has set a benchmark for the whole printing industry to improve the overall industrial production efficiency. From intelligent image processing, order automation, the integration of middle desk and sap, and store management, PNX system is running every day to improve the industrial production efficiency, supporting the processing of millions of photos on a daily basis.