Case Study of 5DFly Photo Solution

Case Study No.1 – Partnership with Kodak

The image brand 5DFly and relevant products of PNX Software have huge client groups around the world. Based on the mature products of PNX in professional image ERP, Kodak joins hands with PNX to provide overall solutions for image processing from e-commerce and image making to the ordering system and help customers and consumers to enhance image experience and explore the online image market together.

PNX has provided Kodak with a complete set of solutions for photo customization as well as the client software for consumers, store owners, lab software, sound background management system, template design software and other series of software, which realizes a seamless connection between order placing, backstage management, factory making, printing, storage and logistics. The intelligent software and powerful management system not only help to create more attractive photo experience for end users but also significantly improve the handling speed of orders and enhance the productivity to the maximum. It has also established B-B and B-C photo service platform for Kodak by using 5DFly solutions and taking advantage of the seamless cooperation with Kodak LMS.

 Easy Online Photo Service

With 5DFly photo and image solution, consumers could easily place online orders of individualized printings such as photo books, mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads, photo greeting cards, posters and calendars and have them custom-made.

 Retail Photo Service

With 5DFly, factories and retailers could cooperate with each other and launch retail photo services easily and deal in printing business in photo supermarkets, exclusive shops, e-shops, office supply shops and traditional photo service stores.

 Complete Factory Production Management

5DFly provides a complete production management system that integrates procedures such as photo design, photo uploading, online payment, workshop making, storage and distribution.

Case Study No.2 – Beetle Animation China

Beetle Group is a company that integrates animation network platform development, brand management as well as development, design, production and integrated marketing of derivatives. Relying on its production base in Zhejiang Province with an investment of RMB 150 million, the Group has possessed strong technical strength and advanced equipment. With commitment to providing Chinese kids with high-quality animation products, it has actively carried out cooperation with those leading enterprises in the field of animation both at home and abroad. Up to now, it has obtained the product image authorization of many world-famous companies such as Disney, Aardman from UK, Rovio from Finland, Hasbro from the United States, Smurfs from Belgium, Toei from Japan, Shanghai Film Group, Tecent, Shanghai Toomee Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co., Ltd. and has carried out in-depth cooperation with the CCTV Children’s Channel, UYOUNG Media Group, Joyful Cartoon and Toonmax on television and film platforms for children animation.

PNX Software has established a set of uniform image processing system for Beetle Group, including the unified handling of template management and design, store owner card customization software, website customization, ordering system and production procedure management and built up a platform of the whole set of technologies for store owners and websites to ensure their seamless connection with current and future systems. It has also boosted the card customization sales of BeeTle Group, enhanced its user experience, and created a powerful Internet brand and strengthended the public awareness and social influence of the enterprise by expanding business through Internet and relying on its image processing technologies.