Product Info

☆ 5DFly Client Software for Consumers

5DFly is the easiest-to-use software tool for batch design and making of photos such as photo albums, photo desk calendars and photo greeting cards. From the design of photos to the placing of orders, it only takes three steps.

Step 1: choose a product category, for example, photo book and select the template.
Step 2: Add photos and render photo template automatically: after adding photos, the intelligent photo design engine of the software would automatically help render and composite photos and templates and you could immediately see the effect of the rendering of multiple photos. If you want to make some adjustments to perfect the photos, you could customize the editing.
Step 3: upload designs and submit order: upload photos and designs, add photos to the shopping cart and fill in the address for delivery, make payment and submit order.

Screenshot of 5DFly Client Software:

1.Select a product category 2.Select a product and add photos
3.Preview the design after automatic photo rendering 4.Make minor modification
5.Submit order, make payment and upload photos

☆ 5DFly Client Software for Store Owners

The client software for store owners uses the similar interface to that of the software for consumers. The difference is that it allows for off-line use and supports batch downloading of templates while in an idle state.

☆ 5DFly Management Center

5DFly System provides synthesized catalog, shopping cart, photo design and template and supports dynamic price calculation.

Global E-commerce
Category and Product
Promotion、Sales and Discount
Multilingual Unlimited Categories Special Price for particular products
Support various tax policies Physical Commodity Worldwide Promotion
Support multiple modes of transportation Multiple categories of each product Group Promotion
Support multiple currencies Pull-down menu under each product for single selection, check box and text box Quantity Discount
Support multiple types of payment Minimum and maximum purchase price of each product
Price Attribute

☆ 5DFly Lab Software

5DFly Lab Software would produce orders in PDF format automatically and can be connected with professional printers such as Kodak Nexpress and HP Indigo for direct makeup and printing.

With 5DFly Lab Software, users could make photo books and other fashion printings easily. After the orders are submitted, the workers in the factory could produce PDF versions of orders for direct printing. Of course, the photos could be further beautified. Besides the automatic adjustment technology provided by the client software, the lab version software also provides superb editing functions with which the workers could reedit the photos to make them better and generate PDF versions for printing.

Relying on advanced synthetic techniques, photos produced with the 5DFly Lab Software are clear and beautiful with high picture quality. Besides, the batch synthesis could help to improve the handling speed of orders significantly and enhance your productivity to the maximum.

☆5DFly Template Design and Output

The template design software of 5DFly uses 5DFly editing engine with comprehensive functions such as layer management, simple frame, shadow, color adjustment, rotation, clipping, transparency, calendar, text and etc.

When the template design is output, template files of both high and low resolution will be generated automatically. After synchronized to the servers, those low-resolution template files would be used for design by store owners and consumers and those high-resolution template files for making by factories. The low-resolution files would improve user experience and significantly boost photo downloading and editing speed without affecting consumers’design of photos.
☆ Automatic Updating

PNX has maturely-developed software for automatic update that could be bundled with client software and supports the automatic update of the client software.