Case Study of Channel Management System

PNX has accumulated rich system development experience in large channel sales management. The full-featured channel sales management system of CSM3.0 could free managers from the complex data cleansing and analysis and enable them to concentrate more energy on customers and market. With rich industrial experience, great capability in the execution of large projects and strict quality management, the channel sales management system and professionals of PNX will help you enhance your sales management efficiency dramatically and break through limits to make greater success.

Case study No.1: Alcohol Industry (Bacardi)

PNX has accomplished the development of a channel sales and customer relation management system for Bacardi-Martini China. Bacardi is a company engaged in the production and sales of liquor and beverage products and has its own distributors and retailers in most of the cities in China such as Disco, KTV, supermarkets and CVS. Besides planning, sales, budgeting, expense, channel inventory, merchandise purchase & delivery and market management, we have also successfully executed management modules specially designed for the alcohol industry such as the management of alcohol promotion personnel, commission management and relevant salary management. The system also specially files the sales and expenses in each city and for every customer, including free commodities and slotting allowances, etc. to carry out effective analysis of rate of return on channel investment. Working together with other application modules of management such as incentive system management and promotion agreement management, the system has dramatically improved the sales management efficiency of Bacardi.

Case study No.2: the Largest Distribution Network Application (Kodak)

PNX CSM has successfully helped Kodak China and its 400 distributors to execute the system and assisted its internal management and sales personnel in the highly-efficient management of its multi-level distributors and the sales of its more than 8000 KEX.

Relying on its powerful channel inventory and sales analysis and relevant business-functional tools of plan, customer and product information, managers of Kodak from sales directors, regional managers, frontline salesmen, marketers and sales analysts, could carry out highly-efficient analysis of the sales at different levels of the channels and take targeted sales measures to improve sales performance and customer satisfaction.