As the leading channel sales and client relation management system, the CSM3.0 provides you with excellent and effective sales management solutions for highly-efficient management of multi-level channel relations. The system also assists managers and salesmen in observing the performance and status of the whole sales and distribution system from multidimensional perspectives. Besides, PNX has added specific management modules for alcohol industry, such as promotion management and trade terms, etc., to improve the sales management efficiency of your enterprise. The system also helps you fulfill highly-efficient management of channels (distributor and retailer) and analyze their sales performance in merchandise purchase & delivery, inventory and etc. so as to help your company improve sales predictability, target-based budgeting and cost management.

Features and advantages of CSM

Excellent Channel Management  Complete Sales Management
Channel Customer Information (supportive of 4-level distribution channels and the classification of channels according to products) Customer and Channel Relations (including contract, trade terms, slotting allowance, etc.)
Channel Merchandise Purchase & Delivery and Inventory (supportive of integrated data and separate data entry) Sales visit plan and report
Classification of channels for sales target, budgets and expenditure Salesmen Target and Sales Performance
Promotion HR, arrangement and wage & commission management
Budget and Expenditure BI-based Report
Defines relevant budgets according to the previous sales performance and target Supports OLAP report analysis
Defines detailed budgeting rules according to different products and channels Dynamic analysis of sales flow and inventory of distribution channels
Accurate classification of expenses for each channel and individual Sales Progress (analysis based on target and actual sales)
Supports budget-based expense control Real-time tracking of budget and expense
Rewards for sales and promotion personnel

Support Platform:

    Channel & Sales Management CSM V3.0 supports:
B/S structure and browser
Operating system: Windows 2008 and Redhat Linux
Database: MySQL, SQL server 2008, IBM DB2, Oracle
Application platform: Tomcat, IBM Websphere, Weblogic