Case Study of Ticketing System

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Case Study No.1 – ATP Master Cup

The Year-end ATP Tennis Masters Cup held in Shanghai between 2005 and 2007 used EastTicket system solution for overall ticket sales, including ticket sales system, client management and online ticket selling, etc. The real-time ticket sales system that provides ticketing services with advanced network technology has significantly improve the efficiency of ticketing management via the multiple functions of the system such as ticket sales and ticket fare settlement.

Since 2008, Shanghai ATP Tennis Masters Cup has continued to use it for ticket sales, client management and website service.

Key Features:

☆ High Stability and Reliability
The ticketing system solution is based on the Microsoft.NET platform and Oracle background database to ensure the safety and stability of the system through a superb data platform. By adopting the popular three-layer structure of superior expansibility and system integration, it provides the customers with a unified and smooth ticket management platform.
☆ Real-time seat selection 
Through online ticket booking system, the clients could choose their favorite seats at their own will. All ticket prices and sales status are clear at a glance.
☆ User-friendly Interface
Unique interface, people-oriented function and procedure design make users’ operation easier and more convenient. Only through simple training, users could easily handle all ticket sales operations.

 Case Study No.2 Shanghai Concert Hall

With EastTicket System specially developed by PNX, Shanghai Concert Hall has successfully realized online sales of tickets. This real-time ticket sales system is based on advanced network technologies to provide ticketing service. Thanks to the ticket sales, ticket fare settlement and ticketing outlet management and other full-featured functions provided by the system, the sales volume of tickets has been dramatically increased and relevant management efficiency has been greatly enhanced.

Features of ticketing websites

☆ Real-time seat selection
Through online ticket booking system, the clients could choose their favorite seats at their own will. All ticket prices and sales status are clear at a glance.
☆ Sales status tracking
Through the system, it is easy to calculate and analyze the sales of that very day or at the present stage and follow the sales progress and collect real-time sales data and ratio of tickets at different prices
☆ Strict ticket outlet management
Every ticket outlet is able to execute strict and unified real-time management through this system.
☆ Highly-efficient ticket allocation and payment collection 
Clients could select seats and print physical tickets on the spot without designated number of manual allocation of tickets. While there are still tickets, any ticket outlet can sell them out. The system also provides ticket sales settlement reports for Shanghai Concert Hall for the hall to control the real-time sales of each ticket outlet and makes settlement on a regular basis as necessary, which is both convenient and accurate.

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