Product Info

1. Convenient venue, seat, price definition and sample ticket design management

  • Even during the sales of tickets for performance, the seats, package tickets and prices could all be redefined and modified conveniently.
  • Various logos, names and ads could be conveniently printed on sample tickets.

2. Low-cost sales channel deployment

  • In support of low-cost sales outlet deployment and it is even unnecessary to install expensive bar code printers.

3. Collaborative Sales in the whole channel 

  • Other venues could be authorized to sell seats of the current venue so as to significantly expand sales channels and improve marketing capacity.

4. Flexible promotion setting

  • Promotion plans and algorithm could be defined flexibly in the system according to actual performance, ticket price and number of tickets, etc.
  • During the sales of tickets, areas, prices and other parameters of the promotion algorithm could be adjusted and promotion could be suspended as well.

5. Standard network interface for the use of the third party ticketing websites

  • Convenient and rapid establishment of ticketing and sales websites or link with other financial and CRM systems based on standard network interface

6. Safe and stable financial settlement system

  • Provides absolutely accurate payment, settlement and sales commission analysis reports
  • The aforementioned reports have been used for many years and are stable, reliable and trustworthy.

7. Reports that could be flexibly developed according to the requirements of clients

  • The aforementioned reports could be exported in Excel format for users’convenience of secondary processing.
  • Supports both English and Chinese.

8. Access control system that could be configured flexibly

  • Provides various flexible access control system solutions, including manual ticket check, bar code scanning, cell phone QR code and ticket handling with RFID chips.